in the garden: august 8

As a reminder, this is what the garden looked like at the end of June.

We had to add a taller fence panel around the garden because the chickens kept getting in to eat the goods. I'm saving up scrap lumber to build a wooden fence around the garden. Next year's plans.

We are slowly, but surely getting some tomatoes out of the garden. Right now, we have more green ones than red, but that's okay. Joci and I are getting about 5 cherry tomatoes daily. I let her eat what she wants, then I'll eat the rest.  I planted one actual cherry tomato plant and one cherry plant called tommy's toes {or something like that}. I love the taste of the tommy's toes. The tomato is flavorful, and has a hint of sweetness to it. It's also just a little bigger than a regular cherry tomato. Our roma plants are still full of green tomatoes, except for one that I noticed while taking photos. Slowly waiting on at least one to turn red. 

We planted one carrot plant this year. We pulled up the carrots way too early, but I'm not sure they would have gotten much bigger. We ate them anyways.

The pepper plants are still alive after the chickens ate their leaves off before I protected them. I saw a few little peppers beginning to form so maybe we'll get a few this year.

We harvested our lettuce, and it's done for the year. I was hoping that I was getting the lettuce plants that grow back after a cutting, but that didn't happen. I'm going to find a different variety for next year.

The two basil plants are producing right along. I haven't cut anything from them, because I'm not exactly sure when I should be. This weekend is going to be used to find out when and how to cut basil. {I just read that I should have been cutting the basil much sooner. You don't want flowering blooms on the basil unless you're seeding it for next year. I'm going to try to salvage some anyways.}

It's a small garden this year, but it's learning garden. We've been blessed with friends and neighbors gifting us with fresh green beans, zucchini, and cucumbers. So, this weekend I will be canning and freezing our gifts.

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