in our garden

Last year, we did not plant a garden.
This year, I decided we are planting something, even if it had to be in containers.
We took out some broken concrete, and after we put in our chicken coop and run, we had a little room left for a small, small garden.
We live in Zone 5.
The experts here say to not plant until after Mother's Day.
I planted a couple of weeks after because we were out of town during Mother's Day weekend.
Our garden one month ago:
I planted 2 varieties of cherry tomato plants,
2 plants of lettuce,
one bunch of carrots, and
4 roma tomato plants.
I also planted 2 bell pepper plants and 4 jalapeno pepper plants in some pots.
I originally placed these on the ground against the garage wall.
The chickens found them and had a little gourmet buffet.
Joe put the pots on the kids' little mud kitchen table.
They seem to be growing back.
We'll see what happens in a few more weeks.
{For some reason, I did not get a picture of the pepper plants.}
Our garden today:

Yesterday I planted 2 basil plants.
These are to the left of the tomato plants.
I want to try my hand at making pesto this year.
Our lettuce needs harvested, which I'll be doing later today or tomorrow.
I'm hoping someone else will be eating it besides me!!
I foresee canning salsa in my near future!

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