in the last week

{Yes, I took this picture!!}

I packed baby bottles and size 2 diapers in the suitcase. Size 2!

We bought the two older kids their winter coats. On sale, of course.

I've thought about starting to sew Joci's Halloween costume.

We've taken R to speech therapy 3 times, and we have been using those 30 minute waiting times to do some schoolwork (mainly read alouds).

If stacked all together in a small 12" square, our dirty laundry would be taller than myself. #workingonthatthisweekend

Out of the mouth of babes this week: "Me have a wiener. Mommy have a wiener too?"

Joe applied for a position in Kansas with the same company. Thus, moving closer to family is expected to be in our future-sometime.

Rylan & Owen both have ended up in our bed at least 4 times. Rylan always says "I had a bad dream." When asked about it in the morning, he tells us it was about a bear.

Joe painted the garage with a little help from the kids. He also tore/cut out all the pipes to the old heater system, tore out a closet to access the crawl space under the house, and cut down the boards from the closet to build a new garden fence.  #hardworker #proudwife

Happy Friday friends!!



free printable roundup #10

Happy Tuesday friends!!

 Today is Tuesday, and that means some free printables
that I've rounded up from the far corners of the internet for you to enjoy.
~French Press Mornings offers a free printable every Wednesday (I've linked to her Encouraging Wednesday's posts where she offers the free printable so you can see the whole lineup.)
~a little pumpkin tag for your gift giving
~a gorgeous sunflower watercolor print (She also has 2 other watercolor prints for free.)
DIY Fall Watercolor Printables | Sunflowers in Vintage Ball Jar | On Sutton Place
~a different set of arrow prints with a pink print for your brave girl (I referenced these last week.)
Little Retreats.Be Brave.SET

~a set of scripture cards to display around the house, attach to a gift, or throw on a ring

IMG 7480 500x333 ABC Printable Scripture Cards
 ~an abstract coloring page for your tween
Free Abstract Coloring Page to Print by Thaneeya McArdle 

~a M-A-S-H printable for a date night with the hubs

Happy printing friends!!
Thank you to all the wonderful ladies who so gladly share their
talent and creativity with the rest of us!


celebrating three

Dear Owen,

You turned three this past summer.
Here's a little bit about you right now.

You love pizza.
You love drinking milk.

You love making messes.

You love your brothers and sister.
You love playing with Rylan.
You love looking at pictures of your baby sister.
You always say "She likes me."

You love watching Paw Patrol.

You love playing with your trains.
You love to carry around and play with your Daddy's tow straps.
You say "You's have to help me."

We love you Owen!! Happy 3 years old!!

P.S.~visit last year's favorites here.

in the last week

We booked our plane tickets to China! Now we just have to book our tickets for travel inside China (flying/train traveling from province to province).

Joe and I had a date day. It had been way too long since our last one. (Two or three months ago)

We had a very sick chicken. Tried nursing it back to health, but she didn't make it. Joci was one upset little girl.

Joci no longer eats chicken. This has been going on in the past month or so. Thus, her only meat-eating involves fish sticks and hot dogs occasionally.

Owen has been saying, "I wuv's you."

I've blogged four times in the past week. That's a miracle in itself.

We picked out paint color for the garage. Gray was the winner.

We, meaning Joe, pulled the air conditioners out of the house. I turned on the heater for those cold mornings and late evenings.

~This picture may look like nothing to everyone else, but it is one of my favorites. Joci loves talking to her chickens, and this is exactly what she was doing as she took a break from picking the last of the tomatoes before the frost.

Happy Friday friends!!


october goals

Fall is my FAVORITE season! It contains cooler days, falling leaves, apple cider, pumpkin pie, pumpkin smells, and more reasons to stay inside!

{source unknown}

In September I did not write out a goal plan on the ol' blog.
We've been busy, really busy.  It's hard to balance real life with 4 kids and blogging/hobbies.

October goals:
1. Clean out ALL my junk drawers. Let me tell ya' this is going to be a monumental task. All my junk drawers are the equivalent to a couple of medium-size dressers. #obsessivedrawerstuffer

2. Simplify and organize linen closet. Our linen closet is a mess; a big mess.

3. Sew, make, and/or create 30 items for the etsy shop. List 50 new items in the shop. (I'm guessing I have 20 items already done.)

4. Start and finish our packing for China. I don't want to be packing last minute for our trip.

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