Back in the Swing...

**tap tap tap**

Is anyone there reading after my extra long hiatus?

I took a long hiatus from blogging as we transitioned into life with our second adoption from China, our oldest daughter attending public school for the first time in four years, homeschooling the rest of the children, two moves during that time (hopefully this is the last for us), a new little side business or "Dave job" as some would call it, and a new job for my husband. It feels like we are finally settling into a rhythm ( a chaotic rhythm at times), but a rhythm nonetheless.

I've missed my little space here, even if it's just for me. As well as sewing, blogging seemed to be my therapy; of which I've done neither for quite some time.

So, it's time to get back to sewing and time to get back to writing. we go again on breathing life into this little space. Thank you for following along despite the quiet years in between.

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Weekend Inspiration

I'll be adding this Williams-Sonoma recipe to the menu this month.

Do you have a tween daughter? Dive into the Word with her from the comfort of your home with the Secret Keeper Girl Bible Study Livestream every second Tuesday of the month.

This little 3 year old cutie is waiting for her forever family. This little sweet pea is Ying! She is a happy 3 year old who loves to play with others. She gets along very well with both children and adults.

Deals: These are the prices when I hit publish, they can change or run out at anytime.

*Twizzlers 105 ct tub $5.39  These would make good Valentine treats.

*Nature Nate's Organic Pure, Raw and Unfiltered Honey, 32 Ounce $11.99 when you clip the coupon

*Dorcy 41-4292 MG-300 Weather Resistant LED Flashlight with TrueSpot Reflector $9.99

*4 pc set of rainbow spatulas $7.99

*the best brush every $9.60

*Party Size bag of Hershey's Kisses $10.99 Another good Valentine treat for the classroom.

*The Magnolia Story $16.19 Currently on my nightstand

*2017 Year of the Rooster Chinese New Year Journal: 150 Page Lined Notebook/Diary $9.99

Pick up a new hobby.......go watch this video and grab some Lily Sugar 'N Cream Yarn, 14 Ounce Cone, Potpourri, Single Ball $8.88 and a set of knitting needles $5.03                   

quiet season

Well.  What started as a jump back into this space turned into another little quiet season over here. Funny how that can happen without planning it. About the time I decided to make the blog a bit more of a priority, our life was busy with homeschool, adoption paperwork, summer, and then before we knew it school had started again and then we brought home our newest daughter.

Life has been good over here. We brought our daughter home in November. She was a scared little girl. It has been quite a transition, and we're still adjusting. We are trying to find our rhythm during the days, and our new normal as a family. We are working on bonding and attachment. We're cocooning as much as possible.
We're still plugging away at homeschool and therapy sessions and medical appointments. I'm planning a little garden for the summer, and am somehow hoping that chickens are in our near future again.

We finally got a puppy for the kids. He was sort-of a rescue dog. He is wild, and well a puppy.

Some things I'm looking forward to in 2017:
-documenting our simple moments
-trying new recipes
-getting back into rising early, early in the morning
-expanding my little shop
-starting a new project: 12 dresses in a year
-paying off our adoption and medical debt

So. Here we go again on breathing little life into this space. Thank you for continuing to follow along despite the quiet seasons in between!

weekend reads

This weekend I'll be working on our upcoming facebook auction to raise funds to get Little Miss home. :) And, I also told the kiddos that we would dye eggs this weekend.

Some links I have saved for your weekend reading.

Sibling life

these muffins have become a favorite around here even without the sugary topping

sometimes I second guess myself, and worry that I'm not taking the right route by going slow and easy with R for kindgertan and then an article like this pops up in my facebook newsfeed.

Never underestimate what you're doing now will have any effect later.

Getting back to some of the ways of the past......oh, I wish we had a little store like this close by.

a spring surprise

Well, hello there! Apparently, I have been slacking again with blogging.

The kids and I made a quick run to Target last week, while Joe was out of town for work. They were ALL out of toothpaste, and I wanted to stock up on some toilet paper that was on sale. I let them browse around the toy aisles for a few minutes. An hour later we came out with five tubes of toothpaste, 4 mega-packs of tp, and a couple of little goodies from the dollar spot. Five tubes of toothpaste might seem like a lot, but I've found that it's less fighting going on and more teeth brushing happenin'.

I grabbed these goodies just for one of you! A little giveaway thinking maybe this will get me in gear to blog more often. Enter using the rafflecopter below. :)

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