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This weekend I'll be working on our upcoming facebook auction to raise funds to get Little Miss home. :) And, I also told the kiddos that we would dye eggs this weekend.

Some links I have saved for your weekend reading.

Sibling life

these muffins have become a favorite around here even without the sugary topping

sometimes I second guess myself, and worry that I'm not taking the right route by going slow and easy with R for kindgertan and then an article like this pops up in my facebook newsfeed.

Never underestimate what you're doing now will have any effect later.

Getting back to some of the ways of the past......oh, I wish we had a little store like this close by.

a spring surprise

Well, hello there! Apparently, I have been slacking again with blogging.

The kids and I made a quick run to Target last week, while Joe was out of town for work. They were ALL out of toothpaste, and I wanted to stock up on some toilet paper that was on sale. I let them browse around the toy aisles for a few minutes. An hour later we came out with five tubes of toothpaste, 4 mega-packs of tp, and a couple of little goodies from the dollar spot. Five tubes of toothpaste might seem like a lot, but I've found that it's less fighting going on and more teeth brushing happenin'.

I grabbed these goodies just for one of you! A little giveaway thinking maybe this will get me in gear to blog more often. Enter using the rafflecopter below. :)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

a little catch-up post

Hello friends! I didn't intend to take four months off from blogging, but some months are like that.
***Warning---picture post heavy***

In October, we traveled to Kentucky to visit family, and have a little vacation. We relaxed, ate lots of food, visited two distilleries, visited the dinosaur park, swam, and enjoyed a little military history. I finally graduated to a smartphone in October also! Yes, I think I may have been the last younger generation without one. :) We also traveled to Kansas for Halloween this year.

The dinosaur park was nothing spectacular, but the kids enjoyed it. It was nice to give them a break from all the driving.

Even though I don't drink bourbon or whiskey, I enjoy learning about the process, and especially enjoyed the seeing the differences between the two distilleries.

Woodford Reserve Distillery

Jim Bean Distillery

We visited a little museum on base.

In November, we buckled down on school again, and stayed around home just being together, celebrated little sister's birthday, and big sister and I along with a cousin and her momma went to the Secret Keeper Girl Crazy Hair Tour.


In December, more schoolwork and more hanging out at home, and then we traveled to Kansas for Christmas. It's been pretty warm here for December. We were able to go to the park one day.

In January, we've been busy with speech appointments. Little sister has speech with a private therapist twice a week, and once with the public therapist through early childhood services. Big brother had a birthday! We also submitted our LOI (Letter of Intent) to adopt a precious little six-year old girl. We received our PA (pre-approval) just a week later! So, we've been busy getting the house in tip-top shape for a new social worker to visit. We've been busy filling out more forms, applications, and getting forms notarized. We've been busy scheduling physicals for ALL the kids. We've been busy purging and getting rid of excess.

it's not a race

The weekends seem to be super busy.
I'm not sure with what though since the kids' activities are all during the week.
Maybe it's because I'm at home all day with the kids homeschooling, so I try to cram in all that I need/want to get done into those 2 days that Joe is also home.
Hence, my blog schedule has been a little inconsistent to my liking.

I have another long to-do list for this weekend as next week is twice as busy since we're preparing for a vacation.

I have:

-Halloween bags to sew
-headbands to make
-lesson plans to complete
-to clear off the desk
-laminate some school items
-help J with some sewing lessons to complete a project
-laundry to wash
-take the kids costume shopping, or make their chosen costume
-and on, and on, and on.

It never seems to end, but I'm trying to let some of it go. To not have to race to get the list finished before the end of the day. To just be with the kids even if that means I'm knitting outside in a chair, while they're running around outdoors. To give them time and more attention than in the past. A good reminder to do just that from my favorite blogger.

i want to remember....

Parenting is hard at times.
Parenting is rough some days.
Those good parenting days far outweigh the bad.
So, I want to remember the good in our days.

I want to remember....

-the fun we had doing a rocket science activity for family night instead of watching a movie. Movies are good for some nights, just not every night of the month. :) Tonight, it was bug bingo!

-the kids' inquisitive nature. They way they asked questions, and "got it".

-their excitement over Dad being able to blow up a water bottle with a little baking soda and vinegar.

-that Soph likes to eat. All day long, even when she should be full.

-those days that school is done without horsing around, or grumbling.

-Sophie's focus on putting tiny stickers on a piece of paper at church. That activity kept her busy for 20-30 minutes off and on.

-Joe using his Friday evening to put on a dryer belt instead of relaxing on the couch.

-that Rylan told me "You yelled at me a lot of times, and you didn't say you were sorry." Thankful for kids who call me out when I've done wrong.

-the night I couldn't contain my laughter over Joci's words  "I didn't toot. Maybe the sheets stink."

I want to remember.....that the days are long, but the years are short.

P.S.-Did you miss my other I want to remember posts? See them all here.
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