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It's the weekend friends!! Grab your coffee, tea, diet coke, or whatever fancies your pleasure and browse around while we head to a family reunion.  Enjoy!

~these are the glory days


~an unlikely friendship that will bring you to tears

Races are run between Emmett's and Erling's houses.

~this quilt made from pajama bottoms

~25 of the world's most creative sculptures


Happy weekend friends!!


mount rushmore

While on our trip to South Dakota, we visited Mount Rushmore again. This was Joe & I's third time, and Joci & Byron's second time. Although they don't really recall the first visit because they were so young.

After Mount Rushmore, we did a little alpine sliding. I'll be honest, the ski lift 'bout gave me a heart attack. I didn't feel comfortable at all traveling up that rickety thing. I had Joci & Byron in my lift, and Joe had Rylan & Owen. When we got to the top, Joe asked how it was. He felt the same way. He felt that the lift was not safe at all, that there was too much open space on the seat. He wrapped one arm completely around Owen, and then held onto Rylan with his other arm. He said the boys could have just slipped right out of the seat. Other than that, they loved the slide!!!

Joe took Rylan with him, and sped down the slide. Byron went next. Joe said he was poking along, and had just arrived right before Joci did. Owen and I were last. There were times, we had to completely stop to get some space between us and Joci.

Joci and Byron could have picked up the pace a little more. Granted, they did just see a kid crash coming down the slide while we were going up the ski lift. I may have put a little fear into them telling them that they need to go a little slower. Joe feels they would have had more fun if they all could have just rode double with him.

Probably so, but I won't be riding that ski lift again anytime too soon. I would, however, walk stairs to reach the top of the slide, but I don't believe they had any.

custer state park

A couple of weeks ago, we took a mini vacation to South Dakota. We rented a modern cabin at the Stockade Lake South Campground inside Custer State Park. It was a great trip for us even though I could have been more prepared with meal arrangements. We loved staying in our little modern cabin outfitted with electricity, air, and heat. A clean outhouse was just a few feet away, and the campground bathrooms & showers were just down the hill.  We loved it so much that we plan to go back in October just to enjoy the national parks and nature~not so much the tourist attractions as we did this time!!

 The kids were able to do a little "adventuring" around the cabin area with minimal supervision.

Driving into the park in the late evening, we saw a couple of buffalo out. Our last morning in the park, there were several out in the field.

*The sky was that clear. I did not photoshop this photo, or the one of the lakes. {I don't even know how to do that with my minimal photography skills. :)} I should learn though!

Free Printable Roundup #6

Happy Tuesday friends!!
I've found some more great printables from around the far corners of the internet for you today.
~Here's a great little printable for that young girl in your life!! 
FREE Printable from Felicityjane.com

~A gentle reminder that I need to hang in my house.

Free Printable Worry Quote

~It's always nice to have a stash of tags laying around for gift-giving purposes.

Printable Gift Tags

~I know, I know. We're half-way through the year, but sometimes you need a new calendar.
Free 2014 printable calendar

Grab your coffee, tea, Diet Coke, or whatever strikes your fancy and have yourself a little printing session this morning.

Thank you to all the wonderful ladies who so gladly share their talent and creativity with the rest of us!

hello monday

Last month we took a little trip up North for a little vacation.
These pictures are from Reptile Gardens in Rapids City, South Dakota.
Hello Monday!!
Hello Rylan! He has no fear of snakes!

Hello cutie patooties!!

Hello just a cleaning away.

Hello pretty bird.

Hello short family!
{We're missing two.}

Hello 47 year old turtle.

Hello more turtles.
Hello prairie dogs.

Hello wild bunch!!

Happy Monday friends! May God Bless you with a peaceful week.

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