weekend links/17

 I've found a few of my favorites for you to enjoy this weekend!!

~A grieving father sent out a request and received a beautiful gift in return

baby sophia

~Wedding gowns turned into beautiful gowns for premature newborns and stillborn babies

PHOTO: An organization in Fort Worth, Tex., is turning wedding dresses into burial gowns for stillborn babies.

 ~the power of a password: I read this earlier this month, and happened upon it again this week.

~this article on parenting has been floating around facebook this week

Happy weekend friends!! Stay cool this week.


a day of fun

Storybook Island is a children's theme park located in Rapids City, South Dakota. The park is filled with characters and equipment from children's stories and nursery rhymes.

Admission is donation only. We did pay extra for the train for Owen. He's in love with trains!!

The kids had a blast!!

*This is the last post from our South Dakota trip!! Are you saying hallelujah?


panning for gold

Byron wanted to pan for gold during our vacation.
I think he had this wild notion that he was going to be "rich".
We paid for all the kids to have a pan each.
Joe ended up doing Owen's pan, and Joci and I had to finish Rylan's pan.
We didn't find any gold in the pans, but lots of garnets.


Wind Cave National Park

*If you haven't noticed, I've been absent again. We took a trip to Kansas for a family reunion almost 2 weeks ago. I'm just now getting back into the groove of blogging.  I still have some pictures to share from our South Dakota trip, and lots of other fun stuff.

We've been on a few cave tours in our short life.

The Wind Cave, however, was not a favorite of mine.

I loved hearing the guide talk about the history of the cave, especially Alvin McDonald's explorations in the cave.

Boxwork in the Wind Cave.

This is why the cave wasn't a favorite of mine. Do you see the space you have to walk through? I don't like tight spaces. I don't like feeling trapped. At one point, Joe asked me how I was doing. Fine, as long as we just kept moving.

Rylan trying not to touch the side of the cave. It was inevitable. I bumped the side with my arm at one point. Owen was carried quite a bit of the time.

The Wind Cave was an interesting cave. If you're not fearful of enclosed spaces, then you'll be fine and enjoy the tour.


weekend links/17

It's the weekend friends!! Grab your coffee, tea, diet coke, or whatever fancies your pleasure and browse around while we head to a family reunion.  Enjoy!

~these are the glory days


~an unlikely friendship that will bring you to tears

Races are run between Emmett's and Erling's houses.

~this quilt made from pajama bottoms

~25 of the world's most creative sculptures


Happy weekend friends!!

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