quiet season

Well.  What started as a jump back into this space turned into another little quiet season over here. Funny how that can happen without planning it. About the time I decided to make the blog a bit more of a priority, our life was busy with homeschool, adoption paperwork, summer, and then before we knew it school had started again and then we brought home our newest daughter.

Life has been good over here. We brought our daughter home in November. She was a scared little girl. It has been quite a transition, and we're still adjusting. We are trying to find our rhythm during the days, and our new normal as a family. We are working on bonding and attachment. We're cocooning as much as possible.
We're still plugging away at homeschool and therapy sessions and medical appointments. I'm planning a little garden for the summer, and am somehow hoping that chickens are in our near future again.

We finally got a puppy for the kids. He was sort-of a rescue dog. He is wild, and well a puppy.

Some things I'm looking forward to in 2017:
-documenting our simple moments
-trying new recipes
-getting back into rising early, early in the morning
-expanding my little shop
-starting a new project: 12 dresses in a year
-paying off our adoption and medical debt

So. Here we go again on breathing little life into this space. Thank you for continuing to follow along despite the quiet seasons in between!

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