august goals

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Yes, it's the middle of August.
Yes, I am just now posting about my August goals.
Yes, it's okay. I set the goals; I determine when I work on them. :)
In July, I worked on one goal. 
I think we were having too much fun this summer. :)


*Continue to sell items to earn extra cash for the boys' plane tickets to China~I was able to sell several more items of extra junk that we no longer used or needed. We were notified that we would be traveling to China earlier than expected. so, we decided not to take the two younger boys. As much as I would like them to go, it's just not going to happen financial-wise.

The following July goals did not happen.
*Continue cleaning out the laundry room
*Start reading chapter books to the kids again
*Frame our maps of China & hang on the walls


*Frame our maps of China & hang on the walls~doing this next week
*Finish taking up the carpet in the craft room & organize for use ~ I started taking up the carpet this evening. I should finish by this weekend, but it may take longer to organize the items that need to go back in the room.
*Organize adoption paperwork ~ I am sad to say that all our adoption paperwork is just in a big pile on the counter. {hangs head in shame..} I need to get the paperwork organized because I'm having to dig through the pile to find papers needed for different forms we're having to file. This little task is going to take awhile to complete. I'm not kidding when I say our pile is at least 5" tall.

Since it's the middle of the month and I have some hefty goals to complete, I'm just setting 3 this month.

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