celebrating five

Dear R,

You turned 5 this year.
Five! I'm wondering how in the world that happened.

You love to eat cereal.  You want cereal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
You love playing outdoors.
You love your brothers and sister.

You love the color green.
O is your best buddy. 
Your speech has greatly improved since we decided to get therapy through the private sector.

You like to listen to all kinds of books.
You love to watch Paw Patrol.
You love Zuma from Paw Patrol.

You still love riding your little bike with training wheels along the sidewalk in front of the house.
You weigh 40 lbs, and are 38" inches tall.

You say "Awesome" when you're excited about something.
You also say "nailed it" when you've completed something.
You love to draw and color.
You like playing legos with B.

Happy Birthday R!
We love you so very much!
P.S.~See last year's favorites here.

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