around here...

Around here:
Joe's been gone for the past week for a business trip.
The kids and I have ate out more times than I would have liked.
I tend to do that when he's gone.
It seems to be easier for me for some reason.
We have a visit from the social worker coming up.
Next Friday, to be exact.
Our homestudy needs updated since it's a year old.
Our house is a disaster from some remodeling projects going on right now.
Tearing up carpet in the craft room, tearing out drywall in the basement,
 patching holes from previous electrical work, 
 and the fireplace still needs some mortar taken off of it,
I have 2 birthday posts that I need to get on the blog,
and some adoption posts also.
The birds have been giving us 5 to 6 eggs daily.
They seem to be vocally louder.
That concerns me a little, I don't want it to bother the neighbors.
However, I'm not sure they can even hear them. 
Happy Friday friends!!


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