around here....

Around here:
I seemed to have taken an unexpected break from blogging.
The break was good for my soul.
However, lots have been happening during that break, and
the blogger in me feels the need to document those happenings. {sigh}
I haven't been feeling the best physically/medically lately.
One day I feel fine, and then the next I'm not doing so hot.
That's kinda been my pattern lately.
I have another appointment in 2 weeks for a 2nd opinion.
Today, I ended up with a case of hives when I awoke.
I canned my 1st ever batch of pickles yesterday.
The flavor is good.
The texture, not-so-much.
I have a batch of pears to make into pear butter next.
Maybe tomorrow when I have more energy.
School started two weeks ago.
Rylan back to preschool for 3 days a week.
Joci and Byron at home.
At home!
It's a new adventure for all of us.
Everyone is comfortable and on board with the idea.
We're still not into a great routine yet.
It will come eventually.
I feel hopeful.
With that I'm signing off.
I have lists to make, and
lessons to plan.
P.S.~You can read my last post here. 

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