Celebrating Four

Dear Rylan,

Last month you turned four years old.

Here's a little bit about you right now.
You love to eat cereal.  You want cereal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
You call milk "white milk" every single time.
You love "white milk".  You ask for some "white milk" several times a day.
You love playing outdoors.
You love your brothers and sister.
You love the color orange.
You love wearing your Batman and Spiderman shirts.
You like to say "Anyways...." when having a conversation with someone.  We have no idea where you picked this up from.
During the day, Owen is your best buddy.  After school, Byron is your best friend.
Mom and Dad struggle to understand your speech sometimes, but your language seems to be improving.
You like to listen to superhero books.
You love to watch "Super Why" on television.
 You love riding your little bike with training wheels along the sidewalk in front of the house.
You weigh 33 lbs, and are 38.5" inches tall.
You say "Awesome" when you're excited about something.
You like playing legos with Byron.

Happy Birthday Rylan!!
We love you so very much!!

Mom and Dad

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