a few favorites


Since we have moved this year, I thought it would be nice to list a few favorites
that we're going to miss from our "old" state this next year.
 It will always hold a special place in our hearts.
A list for us to remember, and not forget.

-the rides at the park during the summer

-our short drives around the lake

-walking the lake with friends when the water was released to work on the dam

-visiting the "museum" and watching the miniature Wild West Show

-the ice cream and cotton candy at the little "shack" in the park

-driving over the viaducts and saying "Whee"

-all the trains

-the layout of our house, and our house in general

-the junk stores (otherwise known as thrift stores)

-being able to ride our bikes in the street with neighbor friends during 4th of July weekend (The city allows you to block off the side streets for firework displays during the holiday. The kids loved being able to ride in the road without looking for cars.)

-the comfort and ease with which I felt to allow the children to play outside in the yard alone

-our preschool teacher and preschool that all three bigger kids attended

-the place where we started it all with our first flock of chickens

-little Miss' first home with us

-the friends we made and families we met

-book club evening once a month for mom :)

-the home we will greatly miss and hold dear in our hearts

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