in the last two months (or so)...

-We've listed our house in Nebraska, and had an offer within a week. We're praying it closes with no problems early next month.

-We been enjoying watching the momma deer and her two babies eat and play around in the yard.

-We traveled back to Nebraska to pick up the rest of our tools, and almost had a breakdown with the trailer. Luckily, I have a good man who knows what to look for, and how to fix the problem with minimal tools.

-The kids did really well during the repair. They had a little picnic snack of Chester's Puffcorn
and pretzels in the parking lot of Tractor Supply. #dontjudge

-We lost all 5 of our chickens to raccoons one weekend while we were away. This semi-country life is rough.

-We have 4 new chickens, and an improved, (hopefully) secure coop. The new girls should start laying in a month or two.

-I've been slowly purchasing Christmas gifts for this year. Little items, like signed books from the author from an adoption auction, a clearance board game, etc.

-We lost another cat for 3 days. The large one that never goes outside. Where in the world did she go for 3 days? Now, she wants outside every time we open a door. Crazy cat!

-A certain little boy must have been playing with my sewing machine, because I'm missing a screw to the pressure foot. I didn't realize I was missing the screw, and found one on the playroom floor and just threw it in the trash a week ago. Yes, I often find random screws in the house from this certain little boy who carries them in his pockets. Sigh....

We have a weekend of more organizing, and a possible trip to the water park before it gets too cold to go.

Happy weekend friends,


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