the fourth

As a family that tends to move more frequently than the average household,
our fourth festivities are as varied as our moving patterns.

     One year in Nebraska, when J and B were little, we sat outside on our front lawn and
watched the neighbor's shoot off fireworks.
     A couple of years we traveled back to Kansas to enjoy the fourth with our families.

In Ohio, we weren't able to shoot off fireworks at all.  It was illegal.
     Last year, we joined some friends at the lake, and shot off fireworks over the lake.
     This year, Joe and I decided that we would let the kids shoot all their fireworks on the 2nd, and then for the 4th we would go out to the town's firework display.

Well, we did shoot our fireworks on the 2nd, but we never made it to the town's display. Early afternoon on the 4th , our neighbors invited the kids to ride bikes in the road with them, and said we were more than welcome to join them for a cookout and fireworks that evening. The town allows individuals or groups to barricade the road on the 4th when a permit is applied for.

The day was not what we had planned,
but more than what we expected filled with sunshine,
new friends, getting to know our neighbors,
grilling, root beer floats, and fireworks.
Happy birthday America!!!

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