July Goals

 I had high expectations to complete most, if not, all these goals in June. Right now, I'm guessing I had some unrealistic ideas about the amount of free time I would have since school was not in session.

Let's take a look at see what I accomplished this month!

*Attempt to generate some extra income for our budget~I was able to get a little bit of this done. I've been cleaning out items that we no longer need or use, and have been listing them on the local facebook sale pages. {About the only reason why I don't want to give up my facebook account.} I have a little stash of $150 started just by selling items we no longer need or use.

*Read 4 books with 1 being nonfiction~I read 3 books total this month. 2 fiction, and 1 nonfiction

*Exercise 4 times a week~Didn't even exercise one time during June. Mega-fail!!

*Re-establish chore charts with the kids~Didn't even think about this goal. Structure during the summer? What was I thinking?

*Send snail mail to at least two individuals~Had great intentions, but never got around to sending out any mail. There's always next this month!

*Clean out the laundry room~I've started cleaning out the room, and the cats have also been helping {knocking glass items off a shelf, it breaks, & then it goes in the trash}. I still have a long way to go in this room. I'm guessing a good solid day would put it in shape though.


*Continue to sell items to earn extra cash for the boys' plane tickets to China~We're still unsure if we are taking all four kids, but I want to be prepared rather than struggling at the last minute to come up with the extra money for the plane tickets.

*Continue cleaning out the laundry room~I can see slight progress, so I don't want to abandon the project just yet.

*Start reading chapter books to the kids again~I've slacked off on this, especially towards the end of the school year. The kids enjoyed it. I enjoyed it. I have several books that are on my {mental} to-read-to-the-kids-chapter-books list.

*Frame our maps of China & hang on the walls~Currently, we have 2 maps of China; a smaller 8x10 size, and a larger map {larger than a normal picture frame}. The difficulty in this goal will lie in finding or constructing a frame for the larger map.

That's my write-down goals for July! Of course, that is not everything I hope to get accomplished, but these are my top four.

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