This afternoon Sophie will have her palate repair surgery. This is a big surgery for her. One that could fail within the first few months. "That's a wide one," her surgeon stated. "She'll have a 50% success rate. It will take more than one surgery."

We know she'll possibly have another surgery when she's four or five, depending on her speech and language progress. Then another one when she's about 10. It's the unknown that's scary. How many more surgeries will she need to just repair the palate? Will she have to have several (like 7) like other children I've read about? Will she need another surgery this year? Or, will she only require one?

It's the unknown that makes me fearful. The unknown of so many variables.
The anesthesia, the pain control, the recovery, the liquid diet, and so much more.

"Hope is the only thing stronger than fear." -Hunger Games

Hope. I'm holding onto hope.

The hope of only one surgery to close her palate.
The hope that there will be no complications.
The hope that her speech will "take off".
The hope that closing her palate will mean less food issues.

The hope that tomorrow afternoon she will be her spunky little self.

Thank you for the prayers.
I will try to update sometime tomorrow.

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