around here....

Around here....

-little sister is planned to have her 3rd attempt at surgery next Thursday. You can read about her other escapes here.

-the deer are eating our chicken feed and bird feed. Not once have I seen a bird in the feeder. Only deer. Sigh...

-of course, Joe likes filling it up just for the deer. His goal is to get them to eat out of his hand one day.

-all week long, I've been a day behind. I thought Wednesday was Tuesday, and Thursday was Wednesday. Hence, the lack of regular posting. Oh well, it's summer.

-it's Friday, which means pizza night!! That was one genius meal plan idea I implemented this year....every Friday night is family and a movie or other activity.

-next year I think I'll implement Taco Tuesday also. I would then only have to figure out 5 meals for the week instead of 6.

-I forgot how much it rains and storms here in the mid-west. Lightning and thunder all night long.

-summer school is in session. At least Math and language arts 5 days a week, sometimes 6. We have some catching up to do since we had so many breaks throughout the year. If they work really hard, I told them they could take July off.

-Chaos is loving it here. She's brought us 4 mice from the field this month.

Plans for this weekend:
-finishing the fence to the chicken coop
-bi-monthly budget meeting with Joe
-purchasing wood for the bookshelf Joe is building for the kids' books, and
-laundry, loads and loads of laundry

Happy weekend friends!


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