surgery update

This little girl has eluded surgery again.

The week of surgery on Monday and Tuesday she had a slight fever (99 degrees) for about an hour in the afternoons after her nap. We called the doctor as instructed to do, and were told that it was probably allergies and they would more than likely proceed with surgery.

On Thursday morning, she awoke with a bumpy rash on her chest. Thursday afternoon while at the pre-appointments for surgery, the doctor looked at the rash, and said it was a viral rash. Surgery, once again, would be postponed for 6 weeks.

I knew. I knew in my heart on Monday that her surgery would be postponed. I was hoping otherwise.

Her reports from the orphanage state that she was a sickly, little girl with respiratory infections and gi issues. For the six months she has been with us, not once has she gotten sick. Not once.

I am discouraged. I am tired. I am worn from waiting. We waited 16 months to meet her, to bring her to our family. How much longer must we wait for her.....

I know this is just Satan knocking down walls trying to seep his way into our house, into our lives. We are in the midst of planning, talking about whether adopting again is in our future. What better way for him to try to wrangle his way in and destroy and crush those plans. He will not!

Satan may attack, but the Lord is mighty.

“Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.”
Eph 6:11

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