weekend shenanigans....

This weekend we were busy.
Our babysitter's wedding was this weekend. 
Half of us went, the other half stayed home. 
Joe worked on the house.
Little sister took her nap, and the two older boys played.
Isn't she a beautiful, radiant bride?
We are definitely going to miss her when we move.
Without a doubt, I'm certain we won't be able to find another babysitter like her.
B had to serve the gifts at mass on Saturday.
On Sunday, he had his final class, a 2 1/2 hour retreat, for his first communion.
This coming Sunday, he will be receiving his first communion.
When we didn't have commitments or appointments,
Joe was working on the house, and I was doing laundry or cooking meals.
This weekend was busy.
Next weekend will be even busier. Sigh...

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