what they've been saying

Joe's been gone during the week for work.
He leaves around one on Sunday, and returns late Friday evening.  
This is his 6th week of working at his new position, and away from home.
Thankfully, we only have more week to continue this way.
It's tiring, and wearing on me.
My patience has been a little thin with a certain 3 year old.
Of course, he would be really testing his limits this week.
I'm sure he's tired of the situation also, and unsure of what is really going on.
He keeps asking questions about when we move, why we move, what we take with us, etc.
Here's a little bit of what they've been saying lately.
"Boys not doing schoolwork."
"Boys not helping me."
"Boys not letting me swing."
Do you see a recurring them here?
"Those cute pinktails."
"Mom. Mom. Mom."
"When's we move, me get a fishing pole?"
"Mom, Joci's not a boy."
"I'm not a boy Owen!"
"You're just a chip off the old box."
"They're pigtails, not pinktails."
"I only have 1 more chapter to read in this book."
"Sophie, no."
"Owen, I'm not helping you anymore."
"What do I need to do to play my kindle?"
"How much schoolwork do I have to do?"
"How much kindle time do I get?"
"What's for dinner?"
"Owen get out of my candy."
"What can I have to eat?"
"Can I play my kindle?"
"Owen stop being mean."
"Sophie, no, no, no."
Crying because she couldn't get out of the Pepsi crate she climbed into.
"Mama, mama, mama."
She's doing a lot more jabbering/baby talk lately, but no new words.

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