in the last week

In the last week:

-the kids hunted eggs. Only 10 each; we didn't go all out this year.

-Sophie was napping while the egg hunting took place. With church and dinner, we weren't able to get the egg hunting in before her nap. Next year she'll be out there with the big kids.

-Yes, some of the kids used their cleaning buckets for eggs. Somehow we were short on baskets.

-I did 10,000 loads of laundry.

-I filled nail holes in the floor.

-little sister hasn't been eating real well for me. She is one picky toddler this week. Monday she would eat chicken. Tuesday she would not. She won't eat ground beef at all. I think it must a combination of the texture and her open palate. **Elise spit the words right out of my mouth here: "I realize it's all a stage and this is a phase, but man, the feeding part stresses me out. What she will and won't eat, how much she will and won't eat, how bizarre it is that just yesterday she could not get enough of something she now drives me up a wall."

-Amy, the chicken, has been healing well since Joe had to cut off her comb from an injury. She's one tough bird!

-we have exactly 4 weeks until we move. Eek!!

-B has first communion next weekend.

-J's birthday is coming up also. I think she's picked out 2 of her 3 presents.

-I've went to bed every night this week later than 10:00 pm. I want to get back on the routine of getting up early again. It's a never-ending cycle though. I stay up late one night, then wake up later the next morning, and then the vicious cycle has begun.

-We had snow in April. Yesterday morning we woke up to a little snow on the ground. It snowed all morning until around noontime.

-Joe and I have another busy weekend of working on house projects. Oh joy.

Happy weekend friends,

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