the one and only birthday project series

It's my birthday month.

I turn the big 4-0 people. 40.
Wow! That's insane.

This is my year.
The year I hope to become the healthiest I have ever been.
The year I tackle that student loan debt~like a beast.
This is my year to get stuff done.
I have to stop holding myself back-from fear, from laziness, from excuses.

So, without further adieu, this year I will make or finish 40 projects on my never~ending list.

The Plan: 40 projects will be completed by next year 02/20/2016. All projects will be chosen by myself. Some projects will be completions of ones that I have already started, such as sewing binding onto a finished quilt. Some projects will be completely new from start-to-finish, such as sewing the two younger boys a quilt, or knitting little sister a blanket. Most of the projects will be for myself, the kids, or the house, but a few may be for nieces or nephews.

The materials: anything goes! Paper, fabric, wood, glitter, etc.

I will share the projects with you once I have completed them. I may or may not do tutorials with each of the projects. I reserve the right to have Joe assist with a few projects, as I  have a couple of wood items I would like to accomplish, and need his guidance.

I expect that most of the projects will be finished later in the year after July,
after little sister's surgery, after another move.

Okay then, let's get to makin'.


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