february: currently

drinking a Coke

feeling a little stressed and very overwhelmed with what we need to accomplish
before our move in May

waiting on little sisters COC (certificate of citizenship). Yes, we're still waiting.

loving this unconventional living post

beginning the early stages of planning our homeschool curriculum for next year

reading The Fringe Hours: Making Time for You

trying to teach little sister the sign for "drink"

watching Downton Abbey still.

attempting  to keep the dishes clean while all the construction is happening in the kitchen. It is dusty in there.

hoping to find some energy somewhere. :)

finishing the meal plan for the week this afternoon.

listening to Joe pulling new electrical wire through the walls

knitting a cuddly, soft blanket for little sister

finding that I remember that I hate moving. Hate it.

wanting the cleaning and painting fairies to make an appearance. :)

praying for one of R's friends family. The father and uncle were in a bad burn accident a couple of weeks ago. Would you mind praying for them with me?

P.S.-Did you miss January? Catch it here.

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