january: currently

drinking Sprite. {see below}

feeling much better after almost a full week of a virus that has taken 3 of us down.

waiting on little sister's COC (certificate of citizenship) & her social security card. The paperwork still continues.

loving this

getting our family photo album started this week.

reading Love Me, Feed Me and confirming that yes, little sister does have food anxiety.

trying new feeding strategies and techniques from the book and other professionals.

watching Downton Abbey.

attempting to organize all the legos.

hoping the organization will help the kids keep them up off the floor.

finishing up the last of the Christmas presents that I needed to finish knitting to get mailed off to cousins. Yes, I'm a little behind.

listening to Minecraft videos and the kids' talking about their playing strategies in the background. Everyday.

knitting this blanket for the shop

finding that I'm not a workbook/worksheet homeschool mom, and that I tend to lean towards the Charlotte Mason style. 

loving my new "clearance" dearfoam slippers

wanting a simpler, cleaner home in 2015.

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