quality organic rug pad adds comfort and safety : Rug Pad Corner review

About eight months after we moved into our home, we tore up the stained carpet. We knew there were hardwood floors under the carpet, but we didn't know the condition of the floors. The floors actually weren't that bad, but with little ones in the house I knew we needed some type of carpet or rug so the kids could play on. As a one income family, we couldn't go out and spend hundreds of dollars on a quality rug much less a quality rug pad. The rug pads would have to wait.

About a month ago, we received the opportunity to try some quality rug pads from Rug Pad Corner. I was thoroughly impressed with the company for a multitude of reasons. Communication with the company was timely and professional throughout the entire process. Our rug pads shipped quickly. All three rug pads were rolled tightly into one cylinder and then wrapped in industrial quality plastic to prohibit moisture damage during the shipping process.

Unwrapping a product in industrial plastic one typically encounters a strong, overwhelming chemical smell. There was not one chemical odor or gas emitting from our package!! Why? There are no adhesives or glues in the product. Rug Pad Corner uses an exclusive Heat Pressing Process to reinforce the material within the rug pads. There are absolutely no adhesives, glues, or chemicals used on the rug pads so they can be placed in baby nurseries and any room in the house.

The American made natural rug pads are safe for all floors, including carpet, tile, laminate,  concrete, and hardwood. The non-slip padding creates a safe environment for our newly, walking baby. We don't have to worry about little sister slippin' and slidin' on an unsafe rug.

Directions were clearly stated on the instruction sheet, and on the rug pad itself. Just make sure you read them and don't struggle for five minutes before you realize something isn't quite right. :)

The superior thick felt rug pad added a full 3/8" of extra padding which took our rug to the next level making it feel like an expensive, luxurious comfort that I purchased from a major supplier instead of our local home improvement store.

The ultra premium pad added a full 1/3" of pure comfort and warmth on those cold concrete floors in the laundry room. I especially appreciate how soft it is while doing a daily chore. Being a completely organic product, eased this momma's heart when she placed the final rug pad in the homeschool room.
I was thoroughly impressed with Rug Pad Corner and look forward to purchasing additional pads for our home.

Use the code REVIEW15 to receive a 15% discount on your entire order anytime you need a rug pad from Rug Pad Corner. A variety of options are available through the website to accommodate any floor type making it easy to order quality organic rug pads adding comfort and safety for every room in the home.

*Disclosure: Rug Pad Corner provided us with product, but my opinions are completely my own and I have not been paid to publish positive comments. Product has been in use for 3 weeks upon review.

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