deperate for food

It has been almost two months since we've had little sister home. During those days, I wanted to cry, scream, and kick my heels in during her mealtimes.

She would eat anything we gave her, if it was pureed or a texture she preferred (which is very little by the way).

She screamed in-between bites of food.
She screamed when she still had food in her mouth wanting another bite.
She screamed after eating a very full meal.

She acted as if she was afraid she wouldn’t get more when she was hungry again. 

Even if she wasn't hungry, anytime she saw food, she would fixate on it until we gave it to her or throw a fit if we didn't give it to her.
Even is she wasn't hungry, we had to hide her bottle, because if she saw it she would scream for it.
Even is she wasn't hungry, she still wanted food.

This food anxiety could be a lifelong process, as we're learning.

We are still trying to figure out how to handle this some days. 
We are trying to teach her that we are always going to feed her, but we are also trying to teach her not to throw a fit and cry when she wants something and that it is okay to wait more than 5 seconds between each bite.
We are trying to teach her to recognize those signs from her tummy that she's full.

We (her & I) still cry and scream some days during mealtimes, but not today.

Today was the first day that she didn't cry when she saw her bottle before she was fed her meal.

Progress made. Slowly, but it's still progress.

P.S.-Would please pray for us to overcome her food anxiety, and the challenges and struggles that are presented daily during her mealtimes?

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