i want to remember....

Parenting is hard at times.
Parenting is rough some days.
Those good parenting days far outweigh the bad.
So, I want to remember the good in our days.


I want to remember....

~the kids' giggling when they threw cold water on their dad while he was in the bath

~how they came upon this idea all their own even when their dad thinks I put them up to it :)

~all the eggs we have piling up {Local friends-if you need eggs, let me know}

~the nightstand scene of essential oils, coconut oil, and nausea meds while I had 3 sick kids in one evening while dad was out of town for work

~how Joe came home and washed, dried, and folded all the laundry

~the dirty dishes piled high in the sink from this delicious soup. Soup never tasted so good after I hadn't eaten anything substantial for 2 days.

~O's love of carrying around chains, padlocks, and carabiner clips

~the way little sister tootles around daily between the kitchen and living room

I want to remember.....the days are long, but the years are short.

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