3 months later

{Yes, those are pine needles on the floor. Yes, we need to paint where the radiators were taken out.}

It has been 3 months and 2 days since little sister was placed in our arms.

Some days it seems like she's been with us forever.
Some days it seems like it was only yesterday that we picked her up.
Especially on those days where we struggle.

Yes, we struggle.
It's important for me to tell the truth about our adoption journey.
I don't want to sugar-coat it for any reason, and
I feel it's important so that prospective families hear some of the struggles others face.

Most of the time, she is the happiest baby I have ever seen.
She loves music.
Especially the chicken dance.

She loves to eat.
Loves to eat.
She can eat more than our five year old some days.

She loves baths.
She loves water.

She is a smart, little girl.
Yet, she doesn't speak much, whether that is due to her open palate or not, we're not sure.

She struggles with drinking correctly from a cup.
She makes this quirky, smacking movement as if she's chewing her milk or water.
She isn't quite getting the idea of how to "sip and swallow".

We struggle.
We struggle with teaching her how to "sip and swallow" even though we have special cups to accommodate her open palate, and have been taught how to use those special cups.
We struggle with her not speaking, because usually it ends up her screaming for something she wants.

I spend lots of time praying throughout the day for her, for me.
Prayers for patience, prayers for words or something to form other than screaming.

But we also rejoice......

We rejoiced when she touched and explored the needles of a Christmas tree for the first time!
We rejoiced when she decided she liked textured food over pureed food!
We rejoiced when she decided she will pick up food and feed herself!
We rejoiced when she took her first steps!
We rejoice when she's walking all over the place!
We rejoice when she wants to cuddle and be held!
We rejoice when she says mama intentionally!

This adoption thing is hard, really hard, but such a beautiful mess.
One day soon that beautiful mess will become one glorious mess!

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