hello monday

Today's where we say some hello's to a fresh new week.

I'm sharing a few of the pictures that Joe took of the World Trade Center Memorial
when he visited in August 2014.

hello coffee
I'm going to need lots of coffee this week.

hello Joe training for his new position this week

hello Lenten season

hello never-ending project list

hello knitting projects
I've been cranking out some projects this past weekend.

hello still trying to teach little sister to sign
I've been working with her a little less than 2 weeks.
She's not quite picking it up, or she's one stubborn little girl. :)

hello President's day

hello to a colder day
Of course it is still February, so I can't be too hopeful.

hello reading
I'm currently reading this book.
hello monday
I hope you have a great week friends!


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