medical check

{China day 9.........November 15th}

Today Sophie had her medical check.
Basically, a very brief well-care visit similar to what you might receive in the states.

She has gained 1.5 kilos since her last update that we received.
That's equivalent to 3.3 lbs!!
The girl does like to eat!!

She has had a cough and runny nose the last few days.,
but no fever.
The doctor checked her out, and was concerned with what she was hearing in her lungs.
They diagnosed her with bronchitis, prescribed us some medication.
Joe paid for the prescription.
It was actually very, very cheap.
$9 USD for 2 prescriptions.
She took the medicine like a champ.
It is strawberry flavored, and smells very, very sweet.
Joe said, "Smells better than any American medicine the kids have taken."

Lots of waiting around today in a very warm room.
Once we were done with the checks, we were able to go wait outside where it was cooler.
We had 15 families to wait on since we were one of the first in the line.

Although it may seem there are numerous children for adoption,
the Chinese love their children, and are concerned about them.
Always talking to them, smiling at them, making sure they are warm, etc.


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