little sister

A few things about our Sophie girl:

~she loves to play pat-a-cake

~she loves playing with Joci {I think it's the high-pitched baby voice she uses.}

~often times, she prefers dad over mom

~she is an excellent sleeper as long as no one is holding her

~she loves music. She'll rock back & forth when she hears a song she likes. It's so adorable.

~she doesn't necessarily like to be in the baby carrier, but she'll tolerate it for a little while.

~she likes baby rattles, and toys that make noise

~she likes to drink her milk (formula). We have to hide the bottle because if she sees it, she'll want it.

~she has the chubbiest cheeks. We call them her chipmunk cheeks.

We have been immeasurably blessed, and are so lucky to have her join our family.


1 comment:

  1. She looks like she is a happy little girl, she couldnt of been blessed with a better family, she is one lucky little girl. And such a little cutie.


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