fabric shopping

{China day 8.......November 14th}

Another free day on our agenda!!

I hired a local guide to take us out into the city today.
B wanted to buy some toys, and I wanted to go to the fabric market.

Our guide met us at the hotel to take us around.
She was speedy, and we were done in less than 3 1/2 hours including our stop to get more formula.

We, meaning Joe, snapped a few pictures.

All kinds of duck meat~duck feet, duck tongue, duck insides

The kids were fantastic, and such good sports about walking all over, and waiting on Mom to decide.

A traditional silk that they used to use for a wedding blanket.
The guide told us that they quit using those types quite awhile back because it took so long to hand embroider. It was beautiful!

While out today:
~we took our first subway ride.
~we saw our first vehicle accident in China. A police officer rear-ended a private vehicle. :)
~our cab driver told us we looked too young to have 4 kids of our own.
~we saw a few interesting potty-training techniques
~we learned a little more about the one-child policy in China from our guide.


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