April Reading Update

I managed to read 3 books during the month of April.

I read these 3 short reads by Cara Putman. If you're a speedy reader, you can probably get them finished in a day or two. If you have to read in bits and pieces, like me, then it will take more time.

I loved reading this trilogy. All three books are based in America during World War II. Putman's books introduced me to the war on the homefront in America. I did not realize there were German prison camps in the U.S., much less Nebraska.  Putman was able to hold my attention with her characters and story plot.

Five out of 5 stars for me for all 3 books.

2014 Reading List
1. Rivers of Gold (February)
2. Shadowed by Grace: A Story of the Monuments Men (February)
3. One Farm Woman (March)
4. Inspiration to Pay Off Debt (March)
5. Canteen Dreams (April)
6. Sandhill Dreams (April)
7. Captive Dreams (April)

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