Hurried Mornings....

The hour before school begins is typically the busiest hour of my day. There are lunches to pack, kids to get dressed, diapers to be changed, breakfast to be made, Byron to wake, battles to chose, rules to remind {no TV before school}, coats to grab before rushing out the door to the van, etc. Some mornings end up in issuing demands ~ "If you're not down here by the time I count to 5, then you're not going to so & so {insert activity we're doing this week} with us." "If you can't dress yourself, then you don't need to go to so & so."
"No Mama. Owers don't like this shirt."
Lately, these mornings leave me feeling frantic, ill-prepared, and a horrible momma.

This morning I decided to be grateful and to take our time after I took one look at Joci reading her new devotional Joe & I picked out for her instead of getting her shoes & socks on her dirty feet.  Then she proceeded to read her Frozen chapter book also.

I am grateful that I have these 4 to keep me on my toes in the morning.

I am grateful that I am able to send them off to school with a good wholesome breakfast {most days} in their stomachs.

On mornings, like today, I am grateful that we are able to grab a donut as we try to beat the clock.

I am especially grateful that we are instilling a love of Jesus in our children. Sometimes it's difficult to see if you are doing good in parenting your children, and some days, like this morning, we are given glimpses of how well we are doing.

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