March Intentions

Once again it's the middle of the month, and I'm just now writing my goal post.
February goals were hit and miss.
I was able to read two books.
I also blogged once a week. 
I worked on some unfinished projects, and completed a couple but wasn't able to get 5 completed. The craft room....oh that room is still a disaster. It's currently a holding room for clothes and toys that I'm putting in an upcoming consignment sale.

My intentions for March:
*blog 3x's a week
*start painting the entryway
*wake up earlier for myself
*take more photos
*finish reading two books
*complete 4 unfinished projects
*continue working on the craft room

Seeing as I only have 2 more weeks left of March, I'm not sure I'll get all these done. I'm going to try though!!

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