Lucky Duck

Do you see that pile of goodies? That's another giveaway that I won back in January.  I won this giveaway from Megan at  A Blossoming Homestead. Megan and Skyler are raising 2 adorable little girls on their 3 acre homestead in the rural Midwest. Megan has a huge heart for the Lord, and openly writes about her faith. She also writes about their homesteading adventures, thrifty decorating projects, and  their story. I love reading her blog, and have been reading for over a year-and-a-half now.  You can find a couple of my favorite posts she wrote recently here and here. Go check her out!

*The clementine Method dish soap makes doing dishes a little bit easier!! We don't have a Target nearby so I'll have to stock up next time I go. I did find a smaller bottle at our local Walgreens, which will work just fine when in a pinch.*

Thank you Megan for the goodies!! I'm enjoying them.

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