Around Here

Around here the kids are out of school today for parent-teacher conferences. It was a short week for them since they didn't have school on Monday for winter break.

Around here I started the couch to 5k again.  It's amazing how much you lose when you don't run regularly.

Around here we're going to make some cinnamon rolls for our new neighbors two houses down.

Around here I've been slowly teaching Joci how to sew.

Around here our baby wanted his hair cut like the big boys. {Insert teary face here}

Around here the birds are getting bigger.

Around here more snow is expected tomorrow. Blah....

Around here I'm looking for an egg basket. Our farm stores carry red; I don't particularly want a red one. I was thinking more of a yellow one or a teal one, but red may have to do this year.

Happy Spring!!

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