The project I wish I would had never started....

I wish I would have never let the kids do a gingerbread house.  
It was a disaster from the beginning.
I could not get the icing to mix at all.
My little hand mixer is no longer in commission.
We ended up hot gluing the house together.
We then asked the kids if they could share the gingerbread house.
They replied, "Yes". 
Although I'm not really sure they understood at the time, because
not 10 minutes later Byron wanted his own house and he didn't want to share.
He wanted his own, and was upset about having to share.  
He was pouting.
I was grouchy due to his attitude.
I told them we weren't doing a gingerbread house next year. 
I think about this project that I wish I would have never started, and
vowed to never try again.
Then realization hits in and I will try again.
I will embrace another messy project and grouchy attitudes, because
my boys (and girl) are alive and well.  
I will do this for those that aren't here
for those that are still grieving the loss of their son,   
and for those that can't decorate a gingerbread house with their baby boy.

 This boy ended up throwing those sprinkles in my hair!!

 Joci's side:

 Byron's side:
Mommy's side (with a little help from Joci):
Daddy's side:

We finished decorating the house with everyone laughing by the end.
It's the gaudiest gingerbread house that I have ever seen, 
but the kids love it and
I love them so very much!!! 

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