New Ornaments 2011

We went later in the month to get our new ornaments this year. 
The selection was very limited, but we were able to find an ornament for everyone.
Note to self:  Go earlier next year.

A funny memory to look back on in the coming years:  
All three older kids had broken their ornaments on the first day.  
All three were from the display, so they still had the display hooks on them 
(which had I known I would not have let the kids have their ornaments on the drive back home).
Joci popped the head off her ornament.
Byron broke the sword thingy off his ornament.
Rylan was carrying his ornament around the house and broke the arm off Mickey Mouse.
A little super glue patched them all up ready to be hung on the tree.

Joci's ornament
 Byron's ornament
 Rylan's ornament
 Owen's ornament

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