Little Bits of Life 29

Happy 2012!!!

Some random pics of the kids thrown in here for you!!

1.  My parents and uncle came to visit us last week for a couple of days.  The kids had a mini-Christmas session opening gifts.  The two olders had a ball!!

2.  We made a visit to the doctor early last week.  Beezur had an ear infection.

3.  It's been a couple of rough nights with Owie this past week.  I've had to stay up and hold him upright for him to sleep.  Joe was up with me one of those nights.  I didn't get to sleep until about 3:00 am both nights, and then he still continued to get up several times.  We're thinking it's his teeth, but now his eye is draining and matting. 
4.  We made another visit to the doctor at the end of this week.  He's on antibiotics, and is sleeping a little better.  Not the best, but better.

5. It's snowed here yesterday.  We're only supposed to get a inch or two total not 6 - 10 inches like we received in Nebraska.  Joe and I miss our snows in Nebraska.  Byron does too.  He's waiting for the "big snow" so he can make snow ice cream.

6.  Joe was off for 8 days during the holidays.  He was off the Friday, Saturday, Sunday, & Monday during the weekend of Christmas, and the same for New Year's.  Those were holiday days, not vacation.  At his old company, he would have had to work most of those days.  We loved it!!!

7.  Joci goes back to school today, and Joe back to work.  The boys and I are going to stay at home in our pajamas cleaning the house, conquering the never-ending laundry pile,  and maybe sewing a little on some spiderman pillows.

8.  I am just now sending out our Christmas cards.  I've decided that I either a) need to take our photos in November, or b) send out New Year's cards instead.

9.  We didn't hit any after-Christmas sales this year.

10.  We recently found out that Ohio has 100+ covered bridges.  We have a little goal of visiting a lot of those bridges and taking a family photo while visiting.

11.  I haven't sewed on the sewing machine for over 6 months.  It's a little difficult to get all the regular household stuff done much less all that "extra" stuff I'd like to do.

12.  I'm thinking I need to look into getting a pair of snow boots since I stand outside with Joci while waiting for the bus.

There you go---12 random bits of our life!!

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