Another 40 Bag Update

Here's what I did this past couple of weeks:

1. Cleaned out the medicine cabinet and pitched all that was expired or not used within the past 6 months.
2. Went through some more toys and got rid of a bunch--still need to get rid of a bunch more.
3. Went through the kids closets and dresser drawers
4. Picked up items around the house that I no longer loved, or used.

Took 3 more bags to donate
Have 2 more in the garage to take
1 bag to the trash

6 bags for the past couple of weeks

Total=10 bags

I didn't quite make my 40 bags. I think maybe I might have if I had a little bit more energy. I've been having to rest or take naps (depending on if B takes a nap or is at daycare) in the afternoon. However, I'm not stopping since Lent is over. I'm still cleaning out, and I'll be cleaning out some more when we move. I am loving the simplified, non-clutter house!!!

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