Little Bits of Life 24

1. 3 more weeks until we pack up the moving van to head to our new home!! I have mixed emotions about moving, as I'd expect I would when the time would come. I'm going to miss the friends I've made here, and the groups I've been involved with (MOPS, book club, playgroup), but I am so ready to have our family be able to spend more time with Dad!!! We will make new memories and new friends and find new groups to be involved with.

2. The kids and I are going to a friend's house this evening for a playdate, and dinner!! I'm going to miss those friends. :0(

3. The Chicago dog from Sonic is the best!! It's delicious!! Bummer that's it's for a limited time only.

4. I have packed 1 lonely box in the last 3 weeks or so. Time to kick it into high gear.

5. Is Lent over yet? I'm missing my facebook activity.

6. 3 months until the new "little peanut" arrives. I would be lying if I said that I have no anxiety or worries about this birth. It's slowly beginning to creep in, and I'm hoping that I can find an excellent doctor in Ohio or Indiana.

7. My wedding ring needs serviced again. I have a prong that is broken.

8. The kids are getting excited about the new baby coming. "Is it going to be a girl or a boy?" "Is the baby coming out in Ohio?" "The new baby can sleep in my room, if it's a boy, when it gets bigger."

9. I have lots of pictures to upload and share with you!!

10. I've been making our list of last minute things to-do again in our town before we move. I'm hoping we'll be able to get them all scheduled in.

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