The Chalkboard I Let Go......

About 4 weeks ago, we had some extremely nice weather,
and our 1st garage sales of the year.

I believe there were 2-4 listed.

I was brave and took the boys with me to a couple.

I'm glad I did.

I scored big time on some large wooden picture frames.

Here is the original frame and picture before.
I paid $3.00 for this picture.

I coated the original picture with about 3 layers of chalkboard paint,
which we had left over from our chalkboard project.

Then spray painted the frame with a couple of coats of Rustoleum Aqua in Satin.

To distress the chalkboard, I sanded the paint and then applied a coat of wax.

I loved the detail on this picture frame!!

I loved the size (52" x 28") of this frame!!

However, not knowing our wall space in the new rental, I let this one go. :(

I sold her on Craigslist in 1 day for $25,
which added to our wishlist fund!! :)

I still have 6 frames left to paint to try to sell before we move.

She was my biggest frame though.

I believe I already have one sold to another customer!! Yea!!

I'm just waiting on warmer weather to venture out into the garage.

1 comment:

  1. Wow, your chalk board and frame turned out great. Thank you so much for using Rust-Oleum and best of luck on your other projects!

    Btw, we just posted on our Rust-Oleum Facebook page, asking people if they've used our Chalk Board paint. Feel free to join the conversation and add in your expertise.

    Happy Wednesday!

    - Rust-Oleum Scott


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