Little Bits of Life 23

1. We've had our house listed for only 1 week 6 days and we've shown it twice!! That's a start in the right direction.

2. I've had 2 different individuals tell me I look tired last week on 2 different days. Such is the life of a temporary-single pregnant mother of 3.

3. I repainted the laundry room floor Saturday evening. I get to put all the junk back in tomorrow morning.

4. I've started sewing on Joci's tooth fairy pillow. Yes, it's only 3 teeth too late. Might be 4 if I don't find where I stashed the fusible web. I think I may have packed it up in a box---I might be buying some more tomorrow.

5. I purchased some pretty new fabric for a lovely quilt for us. I'll probably start and finish it before I finish those other 10+ quilts/projects already started. I also got some barnyard fabric for a baby quilt.

6. I'll give you an update on my 40 bag project this week.

7. We will be picking Joe up Saturday in a nearby town. We are going to stay the evening in a hotel, let the kids swim, go to the children's museum, out to eat, and Target.

8. I've found a cute dress pattern that I want to sew for Joci for the summer. It doesn't look difficult at all. I could probably figure out how to sew it myself, but using a pattern is so much easier for me.

9. Rylan does not like his baths in the new bathroom. I'm not sure what the deal is. So, if he's not too dirty then he gets one about every other day. And, he's learned a new trick from someone. I'll try to video him and get it on here.

10. It's 6:23 pm and I'm counting down the minutes until the kids go to bed--7 to be exact. It's been a long mess-cleaning day.

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