Tooth Fairy Visits Again

Joci lost her 3rd tooth yesterday morning. B kept asking her if he could have it, and of course, she told him "No". He then asked if she would pull out her other tooth so he could have that one. Joci told him that the other one wasn't loose yet. Well, it is loose, but she just doesn't want to pull it out. The girl's got this tooth fairy gig figured out. One tooth for each visit = more $$$ and gifts in the long run!!

I told B that if he was good today, that just maybe the tooth fairy might bring him something. Well, he was good, or so I thought.

Joci wanted her tooth to put under her pillow. I went to get it off the nice, clean, clutter-free countertops and it's MIA. Question B about it, and he claims it was R that took it. Long story short, R was napping, so R never saw the tooth. B can't remember what he did with it. I'm guessing it's a) in the trash, or b) he swallowed it.

Luckily, Joci wasn't upset about the whole ordeal. She just wrote the tooth fairy a letter telling her/him what happened.

translation: "Dear Tooth Fairy My brother lost my tooth."

The tooth fairy delivered a $1 and a Filmore Van (from the Cars movie).

The 1st visit the tooth fairy delivered a $1 and a new toothbrush.
The 2nd visit the tooth fairy delivered a $1 and some new "Tangled" hair bands.
The tooth fairy is having to get creative around here to spend less than $2 each visit!!

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