40 Bag Update

What I did this week:
-underneath the kitchen sink
-1/4 of my half of the garage
-clutter off the kitchen counters

1. I went through all of the cleaners in the house, and donated what we don't use. For example, a 1/2 full bottle of ammonia...purchased for cleaning something special and now I won't be able to use the rest of it during the pregnancy.

2. I threw out (meaning I really donated) about 5 vases that I haven't used in over a year. A couple were from my grandmother, but I'm okay with that now. I can hear Peter Walsh's little voice over my shoulder saying, "It's the memories you have of her, not the junk to remind you" or something similar to that.

3. Do you know how much nicer the counter tops look when there is almost nothing on it?

4. Really went through a 1/4 of my half of the garage, and asked myself if it was worth hauling around, redoing, and/or was I going to be able to finish the project within a year. That's the goal I have set for myself---all unfinished wood projects (for example repainting end tables, repainting 3 chairs, making signs, etc) must be completed by next Lent or else it's gone!! Donated a quilt hanger that was given to me which I have never used; I don't hang my quilts, we use them!! I think it was given to me over 3 years ago. Donated a wooden outside Christmas decoration which I didn't love anymore. Threw away some scrap legs off a project, which I was going to use to make jar stands with, but they needed way to much wood putty.

5. Cleaned out the van, not once but twice since our little trip back to KS.

I ended up with 4 garbage bags (white 13 gallon ones) of junk to pitch. 2 went to the local donation store for the disabled and 2 to trash.

36 more to go.....can I get to 40???


  1. I think I'm out of the loop; what's up with the "40 bags?" Are you trying to get rid of 40 bags worth of "stuff?" If so, what a great idea!

  2. I am!! Here's the link to the original post.


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