Since I last blogged..........................

Since I last blogged:

~we had 3 more showings on the house (yes, 3 showings in one week!!)

~Joe has been back for a week, and is already gone

~our my new camera has arrived in the mail, and I'm loving the quality of pics it takes

~donated trashed my bumper pad batting, and am no longer going to make bumper pads for the new baby after reading about numerous SIDS deaths in infants and watching this.

~getting used to wearing my new watch that the hubby bought for me!!

~have cut and prepared 20 pouches to sew to place in the shop

~talked about buying a fixer-upper, but soon realized we don't want to do that unless it's an absolute necessity so Joe won't have to drive 45 minutes one-way to work

~realized what a wonderful, talented, hard-working husband I have (not that I didn't before) and what an amazing dad he is to our 3 (soon-to-be 4) children

~finally mailed out packaged up pictures to mail out of the family; pictures that were taken back in November 2010

~found the perfect wicker furniture on craigslist, of course, for the front porch of my "dream" house (no, I did not purchase if you were wondering, but I wanted to--it was a deal); just a coat of spray paint to look like this!!


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