Little Bits of Life 22

1. Where do I begin? It's been so long since I posted. I was going to apologize, but I promised myself I wouldn't do that. Real life and my family come first, and blog posts may take a back seat, but that's okay.

2. Dad has been gone training for his new job as a Wind Site Manager. Now, for those weirdos out there, don't even attempt to come to the house. We have a big, huge guard dog. She is vicious. :)

3. The kids are crabby, emotional, and stressed. I am crabby, emotional, and stressed. Enough said.

4. I am 20 weeks along. (Yes, I am pregnant. I don't recall posting that on here.) In the next couple of weeks, I hope to do a monthly post and a picture for you. Hope is the key word folks!

5. Joci is hoping for a girl because "It's not fair if it's another boy. It'll be 4 (boys) and 2 (girls) then." What she doesn't realize though is that if it's another boy, she'll be one spoiled little princess!! Oh wait, she is one spoiled little princess!

6. Dad comes home for a break in 2 weeks. He'll be at home for a week long visit, and then he'll be off to his new job.

7. Joci has a few months of school left. Almost 2 months to be exact.

8. Joci is preparing for her big dance recital for ballet. She is excited!!!

9. I have a wonderful friend who picks her up from school on Wednesday's (the early-out day), takes her to have a little play-date with her friend, Ally, takes her to ballet then brings her home!! This has been a tremendous help---I don't have to drag both the boys out to sit for an hour at the studio while they get into all kinds of mischief.

10. Byron has not been wanting to go to school the past few months. I have had to bribe him with candy, toys, trips to the "junk store" (as he calls it). The bribery is working for now.

11. Little R is still not talking much. He talks when he wants, which is rarely. He is a Byron, Jr. He gets into all kinds of things, making messes. I'm not sure who was worse at this age.

12. Since the house is on the market, we have just a few minor things left to do, which hopefully means more free time for me. I'm hoping to be able to post more regularly, but not promising anything.

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