40 bags in less than 40 days

I'm following Sarah's approach to rid my house of 40 bags during Lent.

Can I rid my house of 40 bags of junk...
things I don't love, don't use, accumulated stuff, clutter, garbage?

I'm not sure if I can get 40 bags since I have already been
purging and packing, but I'm sure gonna try.
I just started today, and I already have one full bag!!!

I'm also giving up facebook (again) for Lent.
I waste so much time on that site.
Time that should otherwise be spent with my children.
I'm hoping that maybe I can just give it up all together.

I'd also like to sew/make 40 items to give to charity.
I already have some completed.
I'm not putting this on myself as I have to get this done,
especially with everything else that is going on
(pregnancy, Joe being gone, and house on the market).

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