Trunk-or-Treat Halloween

We had a busy Halloween evening. First, we headed to one of my mom friend's for a pre-Halloween trick-or-treat. There we ate dinner while the kids played outside. Next, we went to a nearby church's Trunk-or-Treat. A Trunk-or-Treat is where the organization's members decorate the trunk of their vehicle and pass out candy from their vehicle. We like going to these because we don't have to get the kids in and out of their seat belts; all the vehicles are parked in the parking lot of the organization. It seems to be a lot faster for us, and the kids get to play a few games and get lots of candy or prizes at one time.

After our Trunk-or-Treat visit, Joci, Byron, and I walked down the cul-de-sac and our street. Joe drove Rylan around for a little while because he was tired.

Batman, Snow White, and a Monkey

Batman and Snow White

Our Monkey

Pictures from the trunk-or-treat:

Mr. and Mrs. Frankenstein
This couple was quite a pair. They were dancing to their music, passing out candy, and posing for pictures. Byron had no idea what to think of Frankenstein. He just keep staring at him!!

Andy's ride


Andy's Toys

A Magic Trick....
The magician told her she was going to Kansas!!

She never made it to Kansas, but she thought it was hilarious anyways.

I didn't get any pictures on our walk. I left the camera in the truck with Joe.

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