Discovery Day with Diego

About a month ago, the kids and I went to discovery days with Diego. The local businesses sponsor the event, and set up tables with activities and free stuff for the kiddos. I think everyone in the whole town attended. It was very busy and packed. The kids had to wait in line for several tables; we didn't stop at every table either.

There were bouncy houses, a cookie decorating table, a mini grocery store (their favorite), an airbrush tattoo table, the local police officers and the county officers had a table, and way too many more to list. They came home with pencils, cups, stickers, candy, slinkies, bouncy balls, chips, a new bucket, and much more.

Rylan came along with us hanging out in the stroller. Sorry no pictures of him that day.

Joci and Diego

Byron and Diego

Posing with Herbie

Throwing the bean bags into the pumpkin

Eating cookies while waiting on the helicopter

The helicopter

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