Little Bits of Randomness 6

1. I didn't get the garage sale done as I was hoping to. I think we've set a permanent date though. Luckily, Joe isn't using the garage for anything.

2. Joe will be gone to the GE Institute in Crotonville, NY for a week. Oh, how I am dreading that with the kids, especially Byron. He asks every morning where his Daddy is, and then asks every night if he's still at work.

3. Joci's sleep oximetry results are back, and they're not as good as we thought they were. She does have some obstruction when she sleeps, so off to the specialist we go on the 10th of May.

4. Vacation plans have changed. The kids and I will be back to KS for a week for the wedding. Joe will only be back for the wedding. Then we'll take another week in June or July to go back to KS to do the rental roof.

5. I've been spray painting!!! Imagine that! A lamp, a peg board shelf, and hopefully in the next week or so a couple of chairs. I'll hopefully post pics next week.

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